I18n Variables


I18n Variables

This page describes the variables used by PmWiki for Internationalizations (i18n).

%apply=item id=VarPagesFmt?%$VarPagesFmt
An array which contains the PageNames? where you can find lists (trails) of pages containing variable definitions. To be modified when documentation is not in english. See scripts/vardoc.php.
An array (hash) which contains pairs of language identifiers and translation hashes. Each translation hash maps a given lookup key (or phrase) into a corresponding text string for the given language. Thus, it is essentially a multi-lingual dictionary used for phrase translation. It is also used for handling user preference mappings. Thus, the 'e_row' value that one finds on the Site.Preferences page is loaded into $XL during preference processing.
%apply=item id=XLLangs?%$XLLangs
An array that contains the names of the currently active language definitions. Only dictionaries in $XL that are named in $XLLangs are used by the $[...] markup when performing a translation.

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