Upload Variables


Upload Variables

See also: Uploads, Uploads admin.

%apply=item id=EnableUpload?%$EnableUpload
The upload.php script is automatically included from stdconfig.php if the $EnableUpload variable is true in config.php. Note that one may still need to set an upload password before users can upload (see UploadsAdmin).
%apply=item id=UploadDir?%$UploadDir
The directory where uploads are to be stored. Defaults to uploads/ in the pmwiki directory, but can be set to any location on the server. This directory must be writable by the webserver process if uploading is to occur.
%apply=item id=UploadUrlFmt?%$UploadUrlFmt
The url of the directory given by $UploadDir. By default, $UploadUrlFmt is derived from $PubDirUrl and $UploadDir.


The format of the upload link displayed when an attachment is present. No default is set.
%apply=item id=LinkUploadCreateFmt?%$LinkUploadCreateFmt
The format of the upload link displayed when an attachment not present. Defaults to
      <a class='createlinktext' href='\$LinkUpload'>\$LinkText</a>
<a class='createlink' href='\$LinkUpload'> Δ</a>");
%apply=item id=UploadPrefixFmt?%$UploadPrefixFmt
Sets the prefix for uploaded files to allow attachments to be organized other than by groups. Defaults to '/$Group' (uploads are organized per-group), but can be set to other values for sitewide or per-page attachments.
    $UploadPrefixFmt = '/$Group/$Name';    # per-page attachments
    $UploadPrefixFmt = '';                 # sitewide attachments
It is recommended to have the $UploadPrefixFmt variable defined in config.php, the same for all pages in the wiki, and not in group/page local configuration files. Otherwise you will be unable to link to attachments in other wikigroups.
%apply=item id=EnableDirectDownload?%$EnableDirectDownload
When set to 1 (the default), links to attachments bypass PmWiki and come directly from the webserver. Setting $EnableDirectDownload=0; causes requests for attachments to be obtained via ?action=download. This allows PmWiki to protect attachments using a page's read permissions, but also increases the load on the server. Don't forget to protect your directory /uploads/ with a .htaccess file (Order Deny,Allow / Deny from all).
%apply=item id=EnableUploadGroupAuth?%$EnableUploadGroupAuth
Set $EnableUploadGroupAuth = 1; to authenticate downloads with the group password. This could be used together with $EnableDirectDownload = 0;.
%apply=item id=EnableUploadVersions?%$EnableUploadVersions
When set to 1 (default is 0), uploading a file to a location where a file of the same name already exists causes the old version to be renamed to file.ext,timestamp (instead of being overwritten). timestamp is a Unix-style timestamp.
%apply=item id=EnableUploadOverwrite?%$EnableUploadOverwrite
When set to 1 (the default), determines if overwriting previously uploaded files is allowed.
%apply=item id=UploadNameChars?%$UploadNameChars
The set of characters allowed in upload names. Defaults to "-\w. ", which means alphanumerics, hyphens, underscores, dots, and spaces can be used in upload names, and everything else will be stripped.
$UploadNameChars = "-\\w. !=+"; # allow exclamations, equals, and plus
$UploadNameChars = "-\\w. \\x80-\\xff"; # allow unicode
%apply=item id=MakeUploadNamePatterns?%$MakeUploadNamePatterns
An array of regular expression replacements that is used to normalize the filename of an attached file. First, everything but $UploadNameChars will be stripped, then the file extension will be converted to lowercase. Administrators can override these replacements with a custom definition (the full array needs to be defined).
%apply=item id=UploadDirQuota?%$UploadDirQuota
Overall size limit for all uploads.
   $UploadDirQuota = 100*1024;         # limit uploads to 100KiB
   $UploadDirQuota = 1000*1024;        # limit uploads to 1000KiB
   $UploadDirQuota = 1024*1024;        # limit uploads to 1MiB
   $UploadDirQuota = 25*1024*1024;     # limit uploads to 25MiB
   $UploadDirQuota = 2*1024*1024*1024; # limit uploads to 2GiB
%apply=item id=UploadPrefixQuota?%$UploadPrefixQuota
Overall size limit for one directory containing uploads. This directory is usually uploads/GroupName? (one for every WikiGroup), or uploads/PageName? (one for every page), depending on the variable $UploadPrefixFmt.
%apply=item id=UploadMaxSize?%$UploadMaxSize
Maximum size for uploading files, 50000 octets (bytes) by default.

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